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Located in Wenzhou City where a hometown of valve in China, Wenzhou Ruixin Valve Co., Ltd. has designed,manufactured,and sold various valves worldwide as the OEM for a number of different brands.
The factory produce valves include Cast Steel & Forge Steel BALL VALVES,GATE VALVES,GLOBE VALVE,CHECK VALVES,BUTTERFLY VALVE &STRAINER for power station,petroleum, chemical,natural gas,pharmaceutical industries.
At factory, the Quality Assurance Program meets or exceeds the requirements of API-6D, CE, and ISO9001:2008, You are assured of valve solutions on all valves we sold.



How to do API Gate valve maintenance procedures

1. Valve disintegration 1.1 Remove the fixing bolts of the upper frame of the bonnet, unscrew the nuts of the four bolts on the lifting bonnet, turn the valve stem nut counterclockwise to make the valve frame separate from the valve body, and then use a lifting tool to hoist the frame down and pu...

Fireproof and anti-static ball valve is a kind of pipeline that can be used for natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied gas, city gas and non-corrosive gas. It has anti-static and fire protection devices, that is, it is in...
When the valve is installed, in order to keep metal, sand and other foreign matter from invading the valve and damaging the sealing surface, it is necessary to set a filter and a flush valve; in order to keep the compress...